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How to Regulate Pump Truck Operation

1. Regarding the parking of the pump truck. It should be parked on a hard, flat ground, avoid surrounding obstacles as much as possible, and after releasing and adjusting the outriggers, ensure that the body of the pump truck is stable.

2. Regarding the laying of pumping pipelines. If it is horizontal pumping, it is recommended to lay the pipeline in a straight line;If it is vertical pumping, do not connect the pipeline to the output port of the pump truck; after the pipeline is laid, it is recommended to conduct a pressure test.

3. It is recommended to equip cleaning supplies, cleaning pipes, ball receivers, etc. in time. Appropriate sand and gravel particle size, cement number, and mix ratio should be used in accordance with the standards set by the manufacturer to meet the requirements of the pump truck.

4. Before the start of pumping work, personnel who have nothing to do with the operation should stay away from the construction area. Investigate the indicated value of each instrument and check the status of each part. Pumping can only be carried out under the premise that everything is normal. It is recommended to add 0.3m3 cement mortar and 10L clean water to the hopper to keep the pump and pipeline smooth. During the operation, ensure that the concrete plane in the hopper is on the axis of the mixing shaft. Properly control the feed flow rate, clean up over-sized aggregates and foreign matter, do not move the grid at will, do not extend the feed hopper with hands or a shovel, and grasp the distribution valve. When it is necessary to work on the hopper or the distribution valve, the motor must be turned off first to eliminate the pressure of the accumulator.

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